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What Are The Processes For Dermal Repair?

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As a professional custom leather belt manufacturer & leather hangbag manufacturer in China, Hongding offers custom leather goods with more than 10 years experience. Many consumers will ask, what should I do if I buy leather belts and leather bags back after a long time? How to repair the leather, HongDing will teach you the specific repair process below.

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1. Cleaning

The care of the specialty store is not only to help you repair the damage of the leather hangbag, they will also help you to do a comprehensive maintenance while repairing, and increase the use time of the custom leather hangbag.

The first step in repairing money is cleaning. Some parts of the leather hangbag need to be cleaned. The wrinkled leather surface will hide a lot of dust and crumbs.

After cleaning, the leather surface is clean and dry, and the subsequent materials will better penetrate the skin.

2. Polish

Next, the master will sand the surface that needs to be repaired with water sandpaper or a leather sander, and then clean up the dander and start the repair.

3. Repair

The leather hangbag repair master will use a special leather softener to soften the hardened leather surface, and then repair the breach in the order of "filling-polishing-filling-polishing".

The filled pieces must be selected by the restoration master in the same color system, otherwise, even if they are colored, they will not be as integrated as before.

4. Coloring

After repairing the breach, it is time to process the coloring stage. Before coloring, spray a layer of stain remover or a processor to remove and decompose the stains, fibers, grease, etc. on the surface of the skin. After selecting the corresponding color card and selecting the paint, you can spray the skin with a spray gun and wait for the paint to dry.

After the pigment is dry, the final fixation agent is added, and it is almost as high as it is.

Do you have belts or leather hangbags that need to be repaired? You can try it.


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