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As a leading custom leather belt manufacturer/supplier, HongDing offers custom leather belts services, including custom genuine leather belts, custom fabric belts, custom braided belts, custom webbing belts, custom chain belts, custom kids belts, and custom other leather goods.


Women's belts pursue a sophisticated design sense. Men's belts are brewed with introverted texture. HongDing focuses on the custom  mid-to-high-end leather belts. The experienced masters deeply integrate handcraft art with selected materials to make it a warm and elegant piece. For leather goods with emotions and stories, HongDing's custom leather belts have been favored by brands in Japan, the United States and European countries for many years.
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Leather belts have played a pivotal role in men's clothing since ancient times. A decent men's belt can highlight the extraordinary taste and temperament. HongDing has more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture of custom men's belts, which is a good choice for you.


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