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Types Of Genuine Leather Belt Buckles

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The buckle of the belt is very important to the entire belt. As a genuine leather belt manufacturer, there are many factors to consider when choosing the buckle of the belt. Now let's introduce the type of belt buckle.

Belt buckles can be divided into automatic buckle styles, smooth buckles, pin buckles and so on.

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1. Automatic buckle style

The buckle area is large and the styles are fancy and diverse, and the buckle adjustment is flexible and free. Disadvantages: The weight is relatively large, and the comfort is slightly worse. The structure of the style is complicated, and the connecting parts are more prone to breakage after a long time.

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2. Smooth buckle style (plate buckle)

Disadvantages of smooth buckle: The structure is complicated, and the connecting parts are more prone to breakage after a long time.

Advantages of smooth buckle: large buckle surface area, fancy and diverse styles, easy to unbuckle.

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3. Pin buckle style

The advantages of the pin buckle: the style is classic and casual, the structure is simple, light and durable.

Disadvantages of pin buckles: The style is too simple, it is troublesome to tie the belt, the buttonhole spacing is easy to deform, and the waist adjustment is not flexible.

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