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The Misunderstanding Of The Purchase Of Leather Belts

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HongDing is one of the leading leather belt manufacturer in China, mainly offers custom leather belt services. Many consumers have some misunderstandings when buying belts. Now let’s analyze the misunderstandings of consumers buying belts.

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1. A good belt will be very strong

The cortex has a certain permeability. Moisture, moisture, oily substances, and cosmetics will corrode the leather strap. Long-term exposure to sunlight will also cause the custom leather belt to discolor. In addition, where the belt is often fixed, cracks will appear due to frequent pulling. The leather belt itself is glued with strong glue and bound with thick threads, which can not withstand pulling. The connection between the belt and the body of the belt relies on a metal tube with a spring. The spring bar is easier to loosen and break than the inner buckle of the bracelet.

2. The gloss of the belt buckle will never change

The gold-plated layer on the belt buckle is mostly K gold, in addition to 75% pure gold, it also contains a certain amount of silver. Silver is easy to oxidize. Wearing for a long time, the accumulation of sweat and dirt on the belt buckle, or contact with some chemicals containing acid and alkali salts will produce a black silver sulfide film on the surface of K gold, thereby losing its golden luster.

3. The more advanced the custom leather belt, the more durable

The parts on the belt cannot withstand the pulling or collision of external force, and the strong pulling or collision is most likely to cause the fracture of the metal tube at the connection of the inner buckle of this kind of belt.


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