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selection of Men’s belt length

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selection of Men’s belt length

In today's life,belt is essential in our life.How should we choose a belt that fits our length?

The length of men's belts is generally between 110cm and 130cm,In general, different waist circumference should choose different belt length, 

that is to say, the selection of belt size should choose the appropriate size according to the size of the waist. 

According to the comparison between the man's waist size and the belt length, the situation is as follows:

2.4ft waist belt of 105cm, 

2.4-2.6ft waist belt of 110cm, 

2.6-2.8ft waist belt of 115cm,

Choose a belt of 120cm for the waistline of 2.8-3.0ft, 

125cm for the waistline of 3.0-3.2ft and 130cm for the waistline of 3.2-3.5ft.

According to the waist can choose and buy the appropriate belt size, at the same time corresponding to the appropriate pants model also can grasp the size of the men's belt.

According to the pants size,2017022008505123

105cm belt should be used for pants under size 30, 

and 110cm belt should be used for pants between size 30 and 33.

Choose 115cm belt for pants sizes 33 to 35, 

120cm belt for pants sizes 35 to 37,

 125cm belt for pants sizes 37 to 39,

 and 130cm belt for pants sizes 39 to 41.


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