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Material Selection Of Genuine Leather Belt

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Genuine Leather Belts manufacturer

The leather materials are pigskin, sheepskin, cowhide and some rare animal skins. So what kind of leather can be used to make genuine leather belts?

1. pigskin

Pigskin is very common in life. There are many vegetable markets, but pigskin is rarely used as leather belts in the market, because pigskin is rough on the inside and out, with large pores and softness.

2. Sheepskin

Sheepskin is very soft. There are more clothes in the market. It is not suitable to make belts. Because sheepskin is easy to be damaged, there is more friction when using the belt. Sheepskin belts are not durable, and there are relatively few sheepskin belts in the market.

3. Cowhide

Cowhide is also very common in life. There are many durable and high-end items that are made of cowhide, such as wallets, school bags, handbags, etc., and can also be used to make belts. The cowhide can be divided into the first layer of cowhide and the second layer of cowhide. The top layer is made of cowhide, with a grained surface layer of natural skin, which has good elasticity and good touch. The two-layer cowhide has no natural texture, but it can be used for processing. The texture of your own design can be made so that you can make some personalized belts.

4. Rare Leather

Rare leather, such as crocodile leather, is relatively rare and expensive, so it is rarely used to make belts, except for some major brands.

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