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How to sort leather grade?

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How to sort leather grade?

In our life today,the quality of leather goods is getting better and better.more mand more people like leather goods,such as leather belt,leather bag,leather wallet,and so on.How about the quality of leathers?

Before we get to the leather,First, let's talk about "cowhide" and "leather",A lot of people for this concept is vague, now many people often referred to cowhide for leather, artificial leather for leather, this statement is not correct, is not rigorous.

Dermis refers to the state in which the dermal fibrils are still in the animal body (refers to the chemical structure, without any treatment); Leather is the physical and chemical treatment of animal skin.2017010510445529

The removal of unwanted components from the skin changes the chemical structure of the collagen fibers in the skin from their animal state. Leather dry state is soft and easy to bend, wet state is not easy to rot.

Fur is the raw material of leather, which is made fromleather.Some people now call natural leather "leather" for short, and non-natural leather "leather" for short, in order to distinguish between natural and synthetic leather.

Cowhide can be divided into eight layers according to quality:

the outermost layer is the first layer,the quality is best.

Head skin (Kraft first layer) is a grain of skin such as cattle, sheep, pig skin, leather face natural scar and blood muscle scar skin characteristics of the original, and occasionally the cuts in the process of machining and low utilization rate of the belly of parts, the first layer of leather by the fiber layer is thick and thin and closely together with the excessive layer composed of a loose, with good technology of strength, elasticity and plasticity, etc.

Split leather (split leather) is obtained by slicing by a slicing machine. It is the second layer of loose fibrous tissue, namely the lower layer of dermis. By chemical material spraying or composite film processing, the second layer of skin only loose fibrous tissue layer, only after spraying chemical raw materials or polishing can be used to make leather products, it maintains a certain natural elasticity and process plasticity of the characteristics, but the strength is poor.

Regenerated leather is made by grinding the waste skin and dermal scraps of various animals and then mixing them with chemical materials. Its surface processing technology is the same as the leather surface, embossed skin, its features are more neat edge, high utilization rate, cheap price; But the skin body is generally thicker (not thick), the strength is poor.

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