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How to maintain a leather bag?

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How to maintain a leather bag?

1. Avoid moisture,All leather products should avoid moisture, because moisture is always accompanied by mold, which will seriously affect and life of the leather bag. 

2. Frequently wipe the leather bag will be stained with sweat, dust, oil fumes and other stains during use, so often wipe your bag to keep it away from these injuries. 

3. To avoid high temperature, the customer service of the goldsmith often listens to customers when they are asked to talk about the bag being wetted directly in the oven or exposed to the sun, which will cause great damage to the cortex, because high temperature will Severe damage to the cortex causes its color to fade and its service life is greatly shortened. 20181008144842684. Avoid contact with chemicals and sharp objects. Many chemicals such as lotion and nail polish will corrode the cortex and cause irreparable damage. Sharp objects such as knives and broken mirrors will scratch the cortex. 

5. Pay attention to the scales of some snakeskin bags, which often have surface scales. These scales make the appearance of the bag more exquisite, but incorrect use and maintenance methods will make these scales warp or fall off. The goldsmith especially reminds you that your snakeskin bag should not be touched against the direction of the scales during normal use, and should also follow the direction of the scales when wiping. 

6. Placement of cosmetics Female friends should put cosmetics and mirrors in cosmetic bags, and then put cosmetic bags in leather bags, so as to avoid the leakage of cosmetics and damage to the cortex. 

7. Treatment of wrinkled leather bags may cause wrinkles due to improper use. Some less serious wrinkles can be handled by themselves. The method is: lay a clean, color-fast cloth on the table, and then place the wrinkled leather on the Put on the cloth, and then put a heavy object wrapped in cloth on the other side, so that after a few days of pressing the heavy object, the wrinkle will be relieved. Severe wrinkles and deformations are best sent to a professional leather care facility. 

8. Deal with slight abrasion When the bag has slight abrasion, you can apply colorless and transparent leather curing cream to the abraded area, wait for it to gradually penetrate, and then polish it with a clean dry cloth. In this way, it can not only restore the luster of the leather goods, but also effectively lock the moisture in the cortex and keep it soft. 

20170301161451379. Maintain the gloss of the patent leather bag The biggest feature of the patent leather bag is the visually bright color, and with the use of time, the brightness will become lower and lower. At this time, you can use a glazing agent to polish, generally two years One time is enough to maintain gloss. 

10. Maintenance accessories are also very important. Many bags have metal accessories such as zippers, locks, etc. The maintenance of these accessories is also very important, because these accessories can make your bags look more beautiful, on the contrary, if these accessories occur Oxidation will make your bag with oxides, and these oxides are almost difficult to clean.

Wiping and cleaning

1. Stained stains When the leather bag is stained with colored liquids such as coffee and orange juice and oil stains, first absorb the liquid with paper towels and then gently wipe it with a soft cloth. 

2. Treatment of mold and wet bags When the mold is not used for a long time and the mold or the rain is wet, be sure to wipe off the rain or mold gently with a dry and soft cloth. It is absolutely forbidden to wash with water, because water The cortex is hard and brittle, which is not conducive to preservation. After wiping clean, it should be placed in a cool, dry and ventilated place, let it dry naturally, do not use high temperature drying or sun drying.

3. Use of eraser. Some stains that are difficult to wipe with fabric (such as the scratches of a ballpoint pen) can be gently wiped with a clean eraser, and the effect is very significant.

4. Regular maintenance Finally, recommends that you regularly send your leather bags to a professional maintenance and cleaning center for systematic and thorough cleaning; the professional maintenance center will add agents against mold during the cleaning process. All kinds of latent mold swept away.


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