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How To Maintain A Cowhide Belt

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HongDing is a custom leather belt supplier, which specializes in producing all kinds of belts. Many people don't know how to maintain leather belts. Now HongDing teaches you how to maintain leather belts.

How to maintain a cowhide belt?

(1) Avoid moisture, mildew and moth-eaten leather belts. In normal use, you should be careful not to contact with oil, acid and alkaline substances. In the usual cleaning process, adding a neutral anti-mold and sterilizing special agent can avoid the occurrence of mildew. In addition, in order to prevent mildew and insects, it should be cleaned before storage and then properly stored;

(2) When cleaning the cowhide belt, it is best to wipe with a fine flannel cloth. If you accidentally get rainwater or other stains, do not directly wipe with water and gasoline to avoid wrinkles on the leather surface; instead, wipe it dry with a soft cloth immediately, put it in a well-ventilated place after wiping, and let it dry naturally;

(3) If the cowhide belt is wrinkled due to water stains, it can be ironed with a 60-70 degree iron. It is best to use a thin cotton cloth to line the bottom when ironing;

(4) If the cowhide belt has discoloration, you can use leather polish instead of shoe polish; when the leather is polished, use a soft dry moistened with a little polish and gently wipe the belt one or two times; it is recommended that the average is two to two times Polish once every three months;

(5) If the cowhide belt is broken or damaged in a large area, it should be repaired by a professional. If there is only a small damage, you can put some egg white on the damage


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