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How To Judge Whether The Belt Is Made Of Genuine Leather?

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HongDing is the leading custom leather belt supplier in China, offers genuine leather belts, high quality and great services. How to judge whether the belt is made of genuine leather, let me teach you a few methods below.

Leather processed with animal leather. Fake leather made from PU and PVC as the main raw materials and chemically treated with chemical fiber cloth. The most fundamental difference between the two is that the raw materials are different, but because the subsequent processing methods are similar, the surface effect is similar , So it is not easy to distinguish, but the internal physical properties of leather and fake leather are very different.

1. Single-layer belts Single-layer belts are made of single-layer leather. Observing the cross-section of the belt, you can see that this kind of belt is generally made of genuine leather as long as the price is not low. In addition, it can also be identified by inspection methods. After the leather belt is bent hard, the crease is not obvious, and can be restored in a short time, while the imitation leather has no such effect, and it is inferior or even damaged.

2. For a belt made of 2 or 3 layers of leather stitched, remove the buckle and observe the cross section of the belt. This type of belt is most easily forged by the manufacturer. Buyers must be more careful. The general practice is to use 3 Layers of leather and a layer of PU leather, and some even have sponge-like fillers in between. The test method is similar to that of a single-layer belt. At the same time, you can also try to peel off the color layer on the surface of the belt with a nail on the cross section. If it can be peeled off, it is proved to be imitation leather.

3. The color and pattern of the belt material are different, the texture of the belt is different, and the tanning process is also different. Pigskin and sheepskin are softer after peeling; cowhide gives a hard touch; crocodile skin is of higher grade . The texture and texture on the belt make it more attractive.


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