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How to judge the quality of a handbag?

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Handbag, also known as a briefcase, is a narrow box-like bag that is mainly used to store paper and other documents.Lawyers often use briefcases to store records, and businessmen and other professionals use them to store laptops and important documents.

How to judge the quality of a hanbag?

Observing a man's handbag mainly depends on its structural design, material, workmanship, volume and cost performance.

1.The structure design

The structural design of the briefcase is the most important, because it determines the practical, durable, convenient, comfortable and many other aspects of 

the bag's performance. The package is not the more the better, the overall design should be simple and practical avoid fancy.

Whether a bag is comfortable or not is basically determined by the design of the carrying system, which usually consists of a harness, a belt and a back 

cushion. A comfortable bag should have a wide, thick and adjustable harness, a belt and a back cushion, preferably with a sweat vent.

2.The material

Including fabric and parts two aspects.

Fabrics should usually have wear - resistant, tear - resistant, waterproof and other characteristics. The popular ones are Oxford nylon cloth, polyester staple 

fabric canvas, cowhide leather and genuine leather, pu imitation leather, etc.

The components include the waist buckle, all zippers, shoulder and chest strap fasteners, covers and body fasteners, external strap fasteners, etc. These are

 usually made of metal and nylon and should be carefully selected when purchasing.

3.Do manual work

It refers to the quality of the stitching technology between the shoulder belt and the body, the fabric, the cover and the body, etc., and the necessary stitching

 firmness should be ensured, and the stitching should not be too big or too loose.


It's the size of a briefcase. Should be based on the individual often engaged in the content of the work, from the actual need to determine the size of the 

package, the principle is better than small, big can be filled with dissatisfaction, small can not be loaded.

5.Cost performance

According to the individual economic strength, choose both to meet the needs of the economic and affordable package.


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