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How To Identify Genuine Leather Belt?

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Genuine Leather Belts

There are many kinds of belt materials, such as pig leather, cowhide, sheepskin, crocodile leather, imitation leather and casual canvas. As a Genuine Leather Belts manufacturer, HONGDING teaches everyone how to distinguish genuine leather from imitation leather.

Genuine leather is made by peeling off the skin of an animal and chemically treating it, while imitation leather

(Mainly PU and PVC) are made of chemical fiber fabrics after chemical treatment. The difference between the two is that the raw materials are different. However, due to the similar treatment methods in the rear section, the surface effect is very close

It is not easy to distinguish, but there are many intrinsic physical properties that are very different.

Genuine Leather Belts manufacturer

1. Touch by hand

That is, if you touch the surface of the leather with your hand, if you feel smooth, soft, full, and elastic, it is genuine leather; while the general imitation leather has astringent, rigid, and poor flexibility. Use your fingers to press on the leather surface without obvious pores and wrinkles. If there are wrinkles after pressing, it will not disappear naturally.

2. See

Real leather has clearer pores and patterns, yellow cowhide has finer pores, yak cowhide has coarser and sparse pores, and goatskin has scaly pores. Whether or not imitation leather has pores is an important feature to identify genuine and fake leather.

3. Sniff

All genuine leather has the smell of leather; while imitation leather has a strong pungent plastic smell.

4. ignite

A bit of fiber is torn off from the back of real leather and artificial leather. When lit, any pungent smell that forms knots is imitation leather; any hair that smells of hair and does not form hard knots is genuine leather. Cut off the corners to burn and smell, but not the burnt smell of hair.

5. Identification of water absorption

The surface of the dermis has better water absorption, while the fake leather has the opposite water resistance. You can dip some water with your fingers and wipe it on the surface of the clothing. Observe the water absorption. If the water absorption is good, it is genuine leather.

Genuine Leather Belts manufacturer

HONGDING is a Genuine Leather Belts manufacturer in China,  if you have ideas about Genuine Leather Belts, provide them to us, we will provide professional opinions and technical solutions.

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