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How to Handmade Braided Belt?

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A beautiful belt can give girls a lot of extra points for dressing up, especially girls wearing dresses, with a beautiful belt made by yourself, whoever sees it will praise the fun of life! HongDing is the leading leather belt manufacturer in China, offers custom braided belts. Below HongDing introduces practical hand-made small productions. For specific DIY methods, please refer to the following illustrated tutorial.


Hand braided belt DIY materials:

10-meter leather rope, 10-meter cotton rope, belt buckle, needle thread and scissors for leather, rubber band.

Hand braided belt DIY steps:

The first step is to cut the leather rope and cotton rope into 6 sections, each 3 sections into a group, the end of each group is fixed with a rubber band, and the other end (cluster) is wrapped with a rubber band to avoid entanglement.

In the second step, there are 4 groups of leather rope and cotton rope, arranged in parallel, and the order of arrangement is cotton rope, leather rope, cotton rope, and leather rope. Clamp the starting end of the rope with a tool and start weaving.


The third step is to use the four-strand flat weaving method, as shown in the figure. Tighten the rope every time you knit a short section to make the knitting look neat and even. If you want to stop and rest in the middle, you can use a hairpin to fix the position where you are knitting and continue later. Knit until the length you need, and fix it with a hairpin at the end of the braid.

The fourth step is to go back to the starting point of the braided rope and sew a horizontal thread on the braided rope, either hand stitch or machine stitch. Then wrap it around the belt buckle, as shown in the figure, sew and reinforce it, and cut off the excess thread.


The fifth step, measure the length of the waistband you need (a little longer than the waist circumference), and then sew a thread horizontally at the desired length, cut off the excess leather rope near the suture, and leave the cotton rope. The cotton rope is knotted at the cut of the leather rope, try to wrap the leather cut, and rewind after knotting, hide the thread in the braided rope, and finally fix it with a needle. The final effect is shown in the figure. You can choose different colors and different thickness ropes for hand-knitted braided belt according to the color of the clothing.


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