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How to decontaminate leather products?

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How to decontaminate leather products?

Leather product is animal skin that has been denatured and is not perishable through physical and chemical processing such as depilation and tanning.

Leather is divided into: genuine leather, recycled leather, artificial leather, synthetic leather and so on. The leather is composed of natural protein fibers tightly woven in three-dimensional space. The surface of the leather has a special grain surface layer, which has natural grain and luster, and feels comfortable.

So,how can you clean the leather without damaging the leather surface of the leather bag? 2018032615005528

1.Protein solution decontamination

Wipe it with a clean soft cloth dipped in protein solution, so that it can be decontaminated and the leather surface can be shiny, and it will not damage the leather surface . Egg white liquid can be bought in ordinary supermarkets, if you do not have egg whites, you can use egg whites instead.

2.Vaseline decontamination method

Wipe gently with a damp cloth first, then apply a layer of petroleum jelly, and then wipe with a soft cloth repeatedly, so that the surface of the leather bag can be as bright as new.

3.Mask Decontamination

Don't throw away the facial mask after putting it on (it's used). It's very easy to use for wiping the leather. If it's too dirty, wipe it with milk or toothpaste and wipe it first.

4.De2017010510445548tergent method

When washing the bag, you can directly use the detergent to wash the dirty parts. If it is not black, red and other dark colored fabrics, you can use the washing powder to lightly brush; if it is pure white, you can use the thinner bleach (1:10 dilution) to brush directly with the toothbrush Dirty parts can be removed; or soak in detergent for 10 minutes (add 6 drops of detergent in each basin of water and stir evenly), and then do conventional treatment; in addition, dilute with oxalic acid before cleaning and use a toothbrush to wipe For the contaminated area, regular treatment is also possible.

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