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How To Buy A Suitable Leather Belt?

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HongDing as a professional custom leather belt manufacturer, has made belts for many customers, but how to buy the belt that suits you? HongDing teaches you some methods.


Choosing a suitable belt is too important for a man. It is not only related to physical comfort, but also affects others' first impression of you. If you want to know what a person’s taste is like, look at what his belt looks like and whether the belt around his waist fits the overall dress, you can understand a person’s aesthetics.

Three basic belts

1. Formal black leather belt or dark brown leather belt to match your leather shoes.

2. Light brown leather belt can be matched with your jeans. We recommend weaving style in summer.

3. Canvas belts are used for casual wear. The tops cover the belts slightly, allowing it to be slightly exposed, which can achieve the effect of body modification. Those who like college style can choose the two-color striped style, which is classic and not boring.

According to your daily wear, buy a suitable belt, learn to choose a belt, and people around you can also benefit.


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