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How do I clean the belt?

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The belt is such a versatile accessory. They can help you make stylish claims and are great for bundling everything from casual wear to more complex ensembles. It doesn't take much to keep the belt in a mint state. To make things easier, you can use the same simple steps described in last month's blog on how to clean leather belt.

Just like we recommend for leather handbags, you can wash the belt by hand about once or twice a year. Liquid soap tablets contain pure soap without additives or flavors, making them a great choice for those with sensitive skin. They do not contain palm oil because soap is extracted from rapeseed and sunflower oil. Liquid Soap Flakes do not dry out the leather and are therefore ideal for cleaning belts.

You need a wash basin, a towel and some soap.


1. If you look to the left, you will notice that the belt we use has a gray fungus "bloom".

2. Wash your hands regularly using a wash basin. Pour in a pile of liquid soap flakes. Then immerse the belt in some warm water.

3. Wash the belt like a delicate fabric like silk or wool. You can remove the stain by gently wiping the dirty area.

4. After the liquid soap flakes start to work and clean the dirt, you will see amazing results almost immediately. After washing the belt, rinse with fresh water.

5. Then dry with a soft, soft towel and air-dry overnight.

6. The finished product should look like new!


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