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Do You Know What Eco Leather Is?

Views: 33     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-20      Origin: Site

What is eco leather? The first is the hard testing standards proposed by EU countries, which can only be sold in the EU after reaching the standards. Because the testing indicators are closely related to the ecology, they are usually called eco leather. The concept of eco leather becomes the general trend.

Genuine leather refers to animal skins. The skins that are removed from animals without any work done are called raw hides. The raw hides will decay immediately when they are left intact. However, they have been denatured and are not perishable after physical and chemical processing such as dehairing and tanning. Animal skin, this kind of skin is called ecological leather.

Ecological leather will become the mainstream of the future development of the leather industry. With the improvement of living standards, people are becoming more and more aware of health and paying more and more attention to green, natural, and pollution-free products. This is the main factor considered by consumers. Not only that, in domestic and foreign trade, green consumption has gradually become a consumer trend and will become a mainstream in the future.



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