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How To Choose The Right Genuine Leather Belt?

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Genuine leather belts suppliers

Genuine leather belt suppliers produce many styles of men's leather belts. In the process of buying belts, many people have difficulty in choosing. They don't know which belt they are suitable for, and how to choose the right belt? How to choose the belt that suits you? Of course, you must first choose the style you like, and then choose the right size according to your body.

The length of the genuine leather belt

The length of the genuine leather belt should be between the first and second buckles, and the width should be kept at 3 cm, so when we choose the belt, we must choose according to the size of our pants, so as not to choose too narrow or too wide, resulting in a different effect. Generally speaking, the length of the belt is about five centimeters longer than the waist circumference of our pants. In terms of size, if you wear size 30 pants every day, you can directly buy a size 31 or 32 belt, which is more appropriate.

For obese men, you can choose a belt that is smaller in width and looks thinner. This looks better in shape. For particularly obese people, leather belt suppliers will provide some custom genuine leather belts.


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