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Why Don'T Children 3-5 Years Old Use Leather Belts?

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At present, there are many kids leather belts on the market in various formats and styles, which are liked by children. More and more parents, in order to make their children wear beautiful and fashionable, will buy children's belts for their children. Why is it recommended not to use kids leather belts for children aged 3-5?

kids leather belt

Because 3-5 children are just when their bones are developing, the proportion of each part of the child's body also changes significantly. The growth rate of the head, limbs, and trunk are all different, among which the lower limbs grow faster. The child’s bone tissue contains more organic substances such as water and collagen, and less inorganic salts such as calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate. This results in the child’s bones being elastic but not strong enough. Therefore, the child’s bones are not easily broken, but they are more likely to bend and deform. If you wear a kids leather belt at this time, it will affect the child's bone development, causing developmental delay or bone deformation, so young children should not use a kids leather belt.

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