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What is factory audit?

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DONGGUAN HONGDING LEATHER CO., LTD is a company specializing in the production of men's belts, women's belts,braided belts, handbags, wallets, backpacks and other leather products. We have passed many factory audits, and many brands require suppliers to pass their factory audits. Factory audit, is simply understood as factory audit. Generally divided into human rights factory audit, quality factory audit, anti-terrorism factory audit and so on. Many customers expect the supplier's management system in terms of quality, social responsibility (human rights), anti-terrorism and other aspects to meet certain requirements. Therefore, the factory will be audited before placing orders, and the factory will place orders without any major or serious problems.

1. Human rights

It mainly examines human rights, the protection and responsibility of factories to workers, and the responsibility for the environment. It mainly includes prohibiting the use of child labor, fighting against discrimination and oppression of workers, prohibiting the use of prison workers, freedom of association of workers, payment of wages and working hours, etc., which must meet the requirements of international labor organization and China's labor laws and regulations. Health, safety, fire control and other aspects of the requirements, to ensure that the working environment is conducive to escape, not harm health. The environmental aspect mainly inspects whether to bid for the corresponding document according to the legal requirement, whether the environmental protection facility operates normally.

2. Quality

Each customer's requirements are different. It is mainly the ISO9001 system for quality management, such as raw material inspection, process inspection and finished product inspection. Production reports, effective management of all kinds of goods, field 5S management and other contents.

3. The counter-terrorism

Now is not very popular, for the American customer's request, from the factory personnel safety, information safety, cargo production packaging handling safety. In order to prevent inflammable, explosive and dangerous goods from entering the finished packaging products, directly transport to the port, and cause potential threats and safety hazards to the society and the public, the main purpose of the anti-terrorist inspection factory is to guarantee the safety of export goods transportation and use through a set of safety control procedures of the factory itself.

Whether the supplier can pass the factory audit is an important standard to check whether the supplier is reliable. In addition to enhancing the quality of men's belts, women's belts, braided belts, handbags, wallets and backpacks, Hong Ding Leather Goods has been continuously improving all aspects of the factory, which also ensures that we have successfully passed the factory audit of so many customers and gained more customers' favor.


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