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What Are The Types Of Crocodile Skins On The Market?

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HongDing is the leading custom handbag manufacturer in China, offers custom handbags with logo. Many customers buy crocodile leather bags in the market, but do you know the types of crocodile leather?

Crocodile skin is also a common leather material on the market. According to the origin of crocodile skin, crocodile skin materials can be divided into three types: Australian crocodile, Nile crocodile and alligator.

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Australian crocodile

The Australian Bay crocodile leather is the best in the three types of crocodile leather. Its pattern is uniform and neat, the leather is delicate and shiny, with fine pores distributed on the surface, and it feels tough. However, due to over-hunting, this crocodile is on the verge of extinction. Generally, custom handbags made of this material are expensive and valuable for collection.

Nile Crocodile

Nile crocodile comes from Africa, this kind of leather is usually from their abdomen, and is used by manufacturers to custom leather handbags, leather shoes and so on. Its overall surface has a small square shape with a relatively uniform size, which has a sense of hierarchy. However, because there are small black spots on the leather of the Nile crocodile, it can be regarded as the only flaw.


The leather of the alligator is thicker and fuller, and its pattern is also grid-like, but it is smaller than the Nile crocodile. The gloss of the leather is the best of the three crocodiles. The most distinctive feature is that its leather surface has no pores, but there are some protrusions of different sizes, which are generally used to make men's leather shoes and briefcases.


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