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Types of belt buckles in custom belts

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Belt buckle, also known as the belt buckle. Material is generally pure copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, steel, titanium alloy, etc., using high-temperature dissolution casting cooling and become. Usually refers to our daily use of the belt (belt) head of the metal parts, used to make the belt around the waist after the first and last buckle parts, commonly known as buckle head, belt buckle types according to the different ways of buckling, divided into the automatic buckle, pin buckle, plate buckle (smooth buckle) and so on. A belt is good. The consumer's first look is to see the belt buckle, which is a very important component. A fine workmanship, novel style, and good quality belt will give consumers a sophisticated and tasteful life experience. Belt manufacturers based on years of experience in belt production in major brands of belts, based on quality control in the design and manufacture of belt buckles, to consumers and businesses to explain in detail the classification of belt buckles.

Types of the belt buckle

According to the shape of the belt buckle points: can be divided into a day belt buckle, egg belt buckle, semi-circular belt buckle, D belt buckle, square belt buckle, round belt buckle, oval belt buckle, eye belt buckle, etc.

According to the use of belt buckle points: the types of belt buckle commonly used at present according to the different ways of the buckle, divided into the automatic buckle, pin buckle, plate buckle (smooth buckle), and so on.

Automatic buckle

The metal part is zinc alloy, galvanized. The part of the mirror is made of resin, and a grinding rubber process is a common type of buckle. The bottom has a small round magnet and a combination of iron stilts that produce elasticity. Trigger the drive lever next to the stilts, and magnets can be separated, then the belt can be passed through the middle, adjusted to the right position, and released, then the belt body is stuck under the action of magnetism. If it is wrenched open again, the belt body can be pulled out freely again. Release the drive lever. The belt will automatically get stuck, so call this buckle type the automatic buckle.

types of belt buckle

Pin buckle

The middle of the buckle head position has a flat needle, and there is a row of holes at the end of the belt. When the belt is around a week, insert the needle into the hole so it is stuck. The structure of the pin buckle is relatively simple, simple to use, and one of the commonly used buckle types.

types of belt buckle-1

Plate buckle

The key feature of the plate buckle is the front middle position of the belt buckle has a nail with a ball when the belt is around a week with a nail hooked in the round hole at the end of the belt body so that it snaps. There are many shapes and different structures in this buckle with nailsures, but we call this belt buckle with nails collectively the plate buckle.

types of belt buckle-2

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