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The latest trends in men's belts

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Belts are one of the leading clothing accessories for men. Whether business or casual fashion, belts can be the finishing touch to a man's overall ensemble. Every man should have a few belts in their closet. There is a wide range of belts on the market, so to make your choice easier, in this article, we will introduce you to the popular trends in men's belts and follow the fashion.


Classic Look

The traditional full-grain, the one-piece belt is a closet essential that never goes out of style. It looks smart and continues to be very popular because it's durable, sturdy, and complements any suit.

The vintage-inspired square buckle brown belt is proving particularly popular.

High Shine

A sleek, glossy belt is perfect for formal wear and looks incredibly stylish when paired with patent leather shoes, a must-have accessory!

Subtle buckle

A simple single claw buckle lets the suit speak for itself. Many people find exaggerated belt buckles less versatile and a bit over the top.

Shoppers want to create a cohesive look, so it's essential to offer a range of buckle metals so customers can choose buckles that match other metal accessories, such as watches and cufflinks.


Traditional black or brown belts continue to be popular, but tan belts also look stylish with formal wear.

There is a growing trend to use belts to add color and create a bolder look.

Contrast stitching

Belts with contrast stitching help to make a statement by subtly adding a second hue. This style is popular with those who want a unique, sophisticated look.

Reversible Belts

High-quality reversible belts are trendy and versatile because they are two belts in one! This allows customers to easily match the belt to their outfit and shoes without the added cost of purchasing another belt.


While smooth belts give a very desirable look and, for many, are their preferred belt style, textured belts are becoming more popular as they look a little more casual, specially woven belts made from soft strips of leather.

Belts with subtle herringbone or geometric repeating patterns, soft brown suede denim, and decorative belts have also made an impact.

The men's belt trends above can help you choose a belt style, but by buying a belt in addition to a good-looking style, you also want the quality of the belt to pass, don't you? How can you choose a good quality belt? Hongding is a professional belt manufacturer with strict requirements for product quality and is the belt OEM of many famous brands worldwide.


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