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The Difference Between Good Leather And Poor Leather

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HongDing is a leading custom leather handbag manufacturer in China, we specialize custom service in handbags, wallets, ect. We can do embroidery, sewing, embossing, special fabrics, high quality PU digital, special printing, custom hardware printing, sequins and beads, Indian embroidery, special accessories, and apply these things to your design, which will make your design unique. Today, we will teach you how to distinguish good leather from poor leather. What is the difference between them?

Good quality leather: good hand feel, abrasion resistance, strong air permeability

Poor quality leather: easy to break, not durable, and feel bad

1. Tensile strength: refers to the maximum breaking load that the leather unit can withstand. This is one of the important indicators for judging the fastness of surface leather. In other words, the size of the tensile strength reflects the strong strength of the leather when it breaks.

2. Tear strength: refers to the maximum load force that the leather can withstand continuous tearing per unit thickness. It is mainly expressed as the size of the external pulling force that the pinhole can withstand after the leather is stitched. Therefore, if the tear strength of the leather is too low, it is easy to tear from pinholes or other places with openings.

3. Bursting strength: refers to the load force per unit area when the leather is pushed up and the inside (surface) is cracked. This strength index mainly reflects the workability of the leather, and it is not very important in actual wear.

4. Bending strength: refers to the number of times the leather is bent when it is repeatedly warped and its surface is damaged. The level of this indicator has a great impact on the life span of some leather products (such as leather shoes). For example, the bending resistance of the scalper soft surface is dozens of times higher than that of the scalper modified surface leather. This is mainly because the former has a much higher bending strength than the latter, which makes it difficult to be damaged during its use.


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