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How to make a leather handbag?

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A handbag is a bag that can be carried by a hand. It is very convenient to carry and has a certain degree of decoration. The manufacturing process of industrial handbags is relatively complicated, and generally includes the steps of main body processing, handle part processing, zipper and side part processing, and overall combination. In daily life, we can also do it ourselves, let's take a look at how to make leather handbags.


1. Sketch the pattern first, and then make shapes on the cardboard according to the drawings.

2. Put the cardboard on the leather for marking, cut the leather according to the mark, and prepare the leather surface and leather strips. Note that the edges of the leather should be cut at an angle, coated with smoothing agent, and polished.

3. According to the drawings, make holes in the leather surface, wear leather strips, and then sew a closed loop on the back, and iron it with a lighter.

4. Use a belt cutter to cut a center belt, apply polishing agent to the edge of the center belt, and perform polishing treatment.

5. Place the center belt on the bag and sew it with the aid of a sewing machine.

6. Install several 4mm studs at the hole punching position so that metal fittings can be added. Then put the strap on the ring, put it in the stud seal and close it, and the leather handbag is ready.

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