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Due to the current economic downturn in Europe and the United States, many European and American companies will be more cautious in finding suppliers in China. Like leather goods companies, if there is an order for you, how can you prove that your factory has this production capacity? Like our company has a variety of men's belts, women’s belts, handbags,leather wallets, backpacks and shoulder bags, etc., must be subject to inspection, otherwise, it is not available, foreign brands are very strict, that kind The sweatshop-style foundry companies have been shut down several times. Any factory with social responsibility, laws and regulations, human rights, and environmental protection will not accept it. Failure to abide by labor laws, working too long, and not buying insurance for employees is almost a common problem in Chinese factories. European and American customers cannot recognize such factories, so they pass their inspection standards. This is a key condition for the management of European and American customer suppliers.

In general, auditing through European and American customers has the following advantages:

First: Get more customers and more orders through the audit.

Only through their audits can they be qualified to become their suppliers. Only with the recognition of international buyers can we get the opportunity to do business with more European and American customers. This is the cooperation between Chinese manufacturing companies and international buyers, and the expansion of new foreign markets, laying a solid foundation for long-term development. Undoubtedly, Chinese factories that meet the European and American corporate social responsibility standards will be more popular, and they will become the standard factory through the evaluation of customers. In today's situation, its importance is self-evident.


Second: Gain a competitive advantage through the audit, strengthen the brand image of the factory.

The current society is a competitive society. Even in international trade, the situation of competition is very serious. Still taking Guess, which we are familiar with, Guess is a global supplier. Even in China, there are thousands of factories eager to become a supplier of Guess merchandise. The cruelty of competition is conceivable. And know. Only through the inspection of Guess can you be qualified to become a supplier to Guess. Because only through the factory inspection factory, the products are products that meet the social quality requirements and ethical requirements. Only such products can make Guess have social credibility and help Guess to remain invincible forever. As an international buyer's product manufacturer, we must obey the customer's inspection requirements and meet the customer's requirements. Only in this way can we stand out in the fierce market competition and eventually become a partner of international buyers. In this sense, the factory that has passed international inspection and international certification actually has an image business card that represents the management and management capabilities of the company. This can help us improve the credibility of the company and help us develop more. New customers and new markets.


Third: Improve the management system through the audit, improve the relationship with employees, thereby increasing productivity and increasing profits.

The audit of the factory audit is a double-edged sword. It not only increases the social responsibility and management costs of export enterprises, but also promotes the improvement of the enterprise management system. Especially in many factories in China, the corporate social responsibility system is still very imperfect. Many manufacturers can't understand and implement many standards of corporate social responsibility. The auditing of European and American customers will undoubtedly improve the management system of enterprises. It has a great boost. The most obvious effect is that through the factory inspection, the company's legal awareness, human rights awareness, and environmental awareness have been significantly improved, and the company's social responsibility awareness has been more thoroughly understood. Secondly, through the factory inspection, we have made certain efforts in the institutionalization of enterprise management, and have a solid foundation in implementing the modern enterprise management concept and realizing the institutionalization, standardization and process of enterprise management. In addition, the factory that passed the audit has made substantial improvements in the production conditions and life support of employees, and has made gratifying progress in dealing with the labor relations with employees. Therefore, passing the factory inspection is actually a good thing for the four parties. It is beneficial to the society, beneficial to the factory, beneficial to the customer, and beneficial to the employees. On the surface, it has increased the management cost of enterprises and even increased the capital investment of enterprises. However, the benefits realized by improving and improving the enterprise management system, labor relations, and production processes are incalculable, not only improving. The management level, and improve the quality of products, but also mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, and ultimately will achieve the purpose of improving productivity and improving profits.


Fourth: Reduce potential business risks and legal proceedings through factory inspection plugging loopholes.

The contents of the customer audit are comprehensive. In addition to complying with the law, human rights maintenance, environmental protection, employee recruitment and training, and archival documents, it also includes production environment safety and production equipment maintenance. Most factories tend to pay more attention to product quality and delivery time, which is the easiest to ignore working conditions and equipment problems. Therefore, through the inspection activities, the factory can prompt the factory to discover and correct the shortcomings in time, and pay attention to solving the problems of working conditions and equipment. This will help block the unsafe vulnerabilities in production, relieve unsafe hidden dangers, and reduce production. The risk of work injury or death increases the safety of the company. At the same time, through the audit activities, the factory can also make the factory pay more attention to the labor relations and welfare issues with employees, pay attention to communication with employees, and reduce legal disputes in labor disputes and work accidents.


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