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Is A Leather Bag With A Heavier Weight And A Good Quality?

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Hongding is the leading custom handbag manufacturer in China, we often encounter some questions that consumers care about. Are genuine leather handbags with heavy weight and good quality? Below, Hongding will give you an analysis on how to judge the quality of genuine leather handbags.

The quality of leather handbags cannot be judged by weight.

First of all, it depends on the material of the custom leather handbag. Bags made of cloth can be felt by touching with your hands. The better the hand feel, the better the quality of the bag. The bag made of PU leather fabric has a good feel and good gloss. The quality of the bag is good.

Secondly, it depends on the workmanship of the bag, whether there is any excess other than the edging, especially on the inside of the bag, whether the sewing of the hand strap is twisted, and whether the zipper is smooth. If it is not smooth, it means that the workmanship is not fine enough.

Finally, look at the hardware accessories on the bag. The hardware accessories on the bags of good quality are very shiny, and the hardware accessories of poor quality look only rough electroplating, without polishing, the surface is not smooth, and the color is not pure.

Other decorations, such as whether the diamonds are strong and the color is correct. Good hardware accessories and some metal trademarks are all polished after electroplating, so that they are not easy to oxidize or rust.



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