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How To Repair The Peeling Leather Belt?

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Belts are becoming more and more important in clothing, especially skirts and windbreakers, which basically have matching belts. And the material of the belt is also different. How to repair if the belt is peeling? As one of custom leather belt manufacturers in China, HongDing will teach you a few repair steps:

1. If it is genuine leather, if it has fallen off a little, you can go to the special paint place on the market to mix the oil, and then use a special brush to complement the color. Many bags are peeled off like this.

2. If the place where the peeling is special, it can be sent to a professional leather repair point for repair. Like leather clothing, the effect will be very good after professional treatment by professionals.

3. If you have good craftsmanship, you can embroider a pattern or text in the place where the skin is lost. It can not only cover the broken skin, but also add some unique beauty.

4. If it is the broken skin inside the belt, which can not affect the beauty of the whole belt at all, you can ignore it. If you are worried about getting worse, you can sew it casually.

5. If the belt with peeling skin is at any position on both ends, it can be cut directly.

6. Of course, many friends will choose to punch holes or accessories to cover it is also perfect. It all depends on your own preferences and craftsmanship.


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