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How to match men's belts with shoes?

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It seems like girls would be more concerned about matching their outfits, but that doesn't mean it's the exclusive domain of ladies, men also need to make a statement by matching their outfits correctly, and according to men's fashion experts, one of the most common issues is matching belts with shoes. So, let's dive into the fashion rules about pairing belts with shoes.


3 Tips for Pairing Men's Belts with Shoes

Match the material

For men's belts, the standard rule of thumb is to match the material of the belt to the shoes. For a more formal or professional setting, this always means leather. You can pair a sports belt made of synthetic fibers with sneakers in a more casual setting. However, the fashion rules for casual settings are much more relaxed, and your appearance is essential in more formal professional and personal settings. So, when in doubt, err on belts and leather shoes.

Color Matching

This is the North Star rule of matching men's belts to shoes; the colors need to match. The fewer shoes, belts, and bags you have, the less stylish you will look. You don't have to be precise; you're aiming for similar colors, especially shades. For example, white can be calm (crisp, bright) and warm (creamy, off-white). Therefore, crisp white and off-white are tonally mismatched.

Matching metals

You want the belt's metal to match whatever metal is on the shoe. This is integral to matching a men's belt to a pair of shoes. This rule goes a step further and requires all your metals to coordinate. Therefore, items such as watches, cufflinks, and tie studs must match the metal on your belt and shoes. The only exception, of course, is wedding rings, which you can wear universally.

Shoe Lace Matching Issues

Okay, now that we've explored the criteria for matching men's belts and shoes, let's talk about when they can and can't break.

Matching colors

The closer you are, the better. You are golden if you have a beautiful piece in the same color. When it comes to fashion, the less contrast, the safer, but as long as you choose colors that are similar and of the same hue (e.g., warm or cool), they will complement each other. An excellent example of this is gray. Gray is a calm tone so that gray shoes can be paired with a black, gray, or navy blue belt. And gray belts go perfectly with black shoes.

Can I pair a black belt with brown shoes and vice versa?

This is one of those areas where the rule is - never pair brown and black together. They are different tones. Brown is a warm tone, closer to red, while black is a calm tone. These colors fundamentally look wrong and are a clear sign of fashion unconsciousness. If you are barbed wire and only have black shoes and a brown belt, then put on the shoes and try the ensemble without the belt. (Ideally, your formal pants fit well and leave your belt unbuckled, making your belt an accessory.)

What about different shades of brown?

Different shades of brown can work well together. While there can be a lot of contrast between light and dark browns, one way to bring them together is if the soles of your shoes are darker than the tops. Then technically, a dark brown belt would still match your shoes. However, brown is all about warm tones, so they work together.

What if my shoes come in more than one color?

For two-tone shoes, match the most dominant color. Again, remember that the goal is to find complementary colors, not a perfect match. Part of this process is practicing confidence, whether you decide to follow or break the rules.

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