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How to Match Men's Belts to Suits

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Men's belts can play a supporting role in your overall ensemble, or they can be the show's star. The decision is up to you! Generally speaking, the belt will play a supporting role for more formal occasions. For example, if you are part of a wedding party, you will need to match the aesthetic of the other party members. But if you're attending a wedding, you can use a formal belt as a statement piece. Here's how to pair a belt with a suit.


Match it with your shoes

This is the standard rule of thumb. The color of your belt should be the same as your shoes, and the leather finish should be similar. For example, a pebbled belt does not match a high-gloss formal shoe, even if they are the same color. The match doesn't need to be exact; you need similar colors and finishes. You can match Saffiano belts with shoes of the same color if they have a matte finish or some texture, such as tassels.

Match with accessories

While the idea of matching belts and shoes by color is widely known, you may not be familiar with the following suggestion. Match the metal of your belt buckle to the rest of your accessories. Just like shoes, we care about color and finishes. If your metal buckle has a textured or matte finish, it will clash with shiny, sleek tie studs or cufflinks. When wearing a suit, you want all the metals you wear to match or coordinate with each other. So, choose a silver watch, cufflinks, and tie pins if your belt buckle is stainless steel.

Choose a belt

Leather is the material of choice for formal, luxury men's belts. This also applies to the basic rule of pairing your belt with your shoes when wearing a suit. Your more formal shoes will be leather, so the material of your belt needs to match your shoes.

To wear your belt as a statement piece, choose a color or style that matches your ensemble and supports your overall look. For a black suit, cobalt, purple and red is good choices. For brown suits, red, gold or orange may work. You don't want your belt and suit to look like two separate parts. Even with a bold belt choice, you'll look best if it still complements the color of your suit.

Different types of men's belts to consider

Smooth leather

The best smooth leather men's belts are made from Italian calfskin. These are the gold standard for formal or dress belts. Their texture may match your own pair of formal shoes, so you'll be happy.

Pebbled grained leather

Pebble grain leather is one of men's most famous luxury belt styles. These finely textured belts are used for formal or professional occasions. Premium pebbled grain leather men's belts are made from full grain leather. Full grain leather is the highest quality leather on the market, with minimal processing. This produces a more durable leather that will develop a rich luster over time.

Genuine python leather

Make a statement with our finely crafted python skin belts. Belts made from genuine python skin are elegant and chic. They come in several different colors, including classic black and brown. Subtle proportional textures add visual appeal to any suit ensemble. Choose from solid colors or natural patterns. A genuine python belt tells everyone you have style and know how to handle it.

Real alligator

Nothing says style and formality like a genuine crocodile belt. With its signature texture and design, a genuine crocodile belt is a natural standout. Elevate your look with a luxurious crocodile belt.

Saffiano Leather

Pair this exquisite cross-shaded leather belt with more textured and stylized shoes. Saffiano leather is printed with a delicate cross-hatch design that subtly catches the light. These belts are designed for any occasion where you want to look your best. Our formal Saffiano belts are available in rich black, brown, blue, tan, and orange colors.

If the above belt styles are not what you are looking for, Hongding has many other styles of men's belts to choose from. Customize your belt and choose a professional leather belt manufacturer - Hongding.


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