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How to custom men’s leather belt?

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For mature, business-oriented men, belts show fashion taste, as well as an essential accessory to identity, so in terms of quality must be pursued, sometimes the everyday belt style on the market is not good to show your personality, so you need to customize the belt, so custom men’s belts should pay attention to what? Belt manufacturer Hongding will share this article with you.

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What to consider when customizing your belt

Your style

Consider your style or what you wear when you feel most confident. From there, do your custom belt shopping and choose a belt that complements your current closet. If you're unsure of your style, think about your favorite outfits or what you admire in others. Custom belts for men are a unique opportunity to bring more style to your closet.

Your goals

Are you looking for an accent belt or a personality belt? Accent belts are your standard black, brown, and navy colors and support the whole rather than attract attention. A belt is a great men's accessory that can be used as a focal point. Choose a textured belt with a pattern, such as a faux crocodile belt, or a brighter color to add interest to your outfit.

3 Tips for Customizing Men's Belts

Choose a color that you wear or like

One of the advantages of choosing a custom belt is that there are a variety of colors to choose from. Of course, nothing can replace your brown and black staple belts, but belts offer the opportunity to add color to your closet. There are two ways to approach color. One is to use complementary colors in your closet. So, for example, if you wear a lot of blue, you can choose a blue or white belt to match your outfit. Or, you can choose a colored belt as a focal point. So, for example, if you wear a lot of more neutral khaki, a brighter or richer color will stand out as a statement piece. The most important thing to remember when choosing a personalized belt is that you like the belt. You will feel confident if you choose a belt that appeals to you.

Choose the right texture

Custom belts are available in a variety of textures. Smooth finishes are popular, especially for formal and professional settings. Smooth belts go with many formal shoes, so having a smooth custom belt in your closet is essential. Some men's belts are textured, such as Saffiano or crocodile leather. Saffiano leather is elegant and durable. It is printed with a subtle cross-hatch design that subtly catches the eye. Saffiano belts are perfect for formal and professional occasions. The pebbled leather is another type of embossed leather. Its delicate pattern is a classic go-to that always looks good. Simulated reptile and ostrich leathers are other examples of stamped leathers. Some leathers, such as python and crocodile, have a natural grain and do not require stamping. These fine leathers produce visually stunning belts that are always elegant and stylish. The right texture for you complements your closet and appeals to you.

Consider the width

Regarding belt width, thinner belts are considered more formal, while wider belts are more appropriate for casual wear. At Roger Ximenez, you can choose from two widths for all of our belts. Belt loops also vary in size. Some of our customers prefer to wear the same belt in different widths so that they can always wear their favorite belt no matter the pants.

Choose a professional belt manufacturer

Hongding Leather Belt Manufacturer is a leading brand in the belt industry in China, with years of experience in belt production, strict material use, and guaranteed product quality. With production bases in China and Cambodia, it is your reliable choice for customizing and purchasing belts.


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