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How to choose the right women’s belt

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Women's belts have a function that goes beyond the practical aesthetic! A good belt adds an extra touch to your look and helps define your silhouette. This year, we witnessed how belts became the star accessory in the world's most influential fashion shows. How should a woman who doesn't already own a belt pick a suitable one for women? In this post, we will share it with you.


How to choose the right belt for women

The right belt will help you complete your favorite style and last for years! Remember that quality accessories may seem a little pricey initially, but that's not true in the long run. Furthermore, in terms of material, good leather cannot be compared to a PU belt.

• Leather is more robust and less prone to cracking and tearing than other materials. Therefore, because of its breathability and insulation, a belt will be more resistant to the passage of time and external factors such as the most extreme cold or heat.

• Over time, your belt will wear a little better every day. Leather has the exquisite quality of taking advantage of its unique properties. No leather accessory is the same as any other leather accessory.

• Fits your curves. Leather with body heat easily shapes your body without losing structure. So it ends up being more comfortable than faux leather or plastic belts.

So buying a belt made of leather is a wise investment that will enhance your look. You will have the right accessory for every occasion and quality in every color.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of this accessory is a classic black belt or a rustic brown belt. But we encourage you to try other colors, and I promise it will be straightforward to combine.

What color belt to choose?

A bright and colorful red belt

Wear it anytime with your favorite pair of jeans to add fun to your outfit when you're out and about. If it's a sophisticated cut, it will catch everyone's eye when you wear it with a dress.

Wear a more neutral color to accentuate your look, as you can see when our model combines it with white khaki pants and a gray sweater. Red is also beautiful when you mix it with earth tones for a sophisticated and relaxed look. Or pair it with white and blue for the perfect nautical look for summer.

The very versatile white belt

White, the most neutral and easy-to-match color after black, is also a trend. Just as your closet has a light-filled palette or the primary color is black, you should not miss your white belt and quality sandals and bags in different sizes. It is the perfect complement to minimalism. The effect is chic. It will become the jewel of your closet!

Choose slim and fluid styles for a sophisticated Italian chic look. Choose the all-white look for a chic Parisian chic. Or pair it with more casual outfits, such as Texan, Chinese, or even loose summer dresses, for a more casual vibe.

There are many different styles of women's belts available on Hongding's website, so if you're still torn about whether you need to buy a women's belt, browse around and see if there's a style you like that might get you interested in a women's belt. For customized belts, choose professional belt manufacturers - Hongding.


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