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Handmade Webbing Belt Method - HONGDING

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As a men's & women's webbing belts manufacturer teach you a very practical and personalized manual belt webbing tutorial, which can be used to knit men's webbing belts and women's webbing belts.

You only need to prepare two kinds of handmade waistband weaving materials, a section of metal waist, and a section of thick nylon braided rope as long as possible. Today's belt braiding graphic tutorial shows the effect of the gray tied thick rope. If you only have a thin rope and want to knit a wide belt, it is recommended to repeat the steps 2 and 3 in the knitting graphic tutorial or more, so that the width of the entire belt can be widened. Overall, a lot The knitting action is repeated, as long as it is in a good position and the tightness is consistent, the final shaping effect is easily outstanding.

Steps to webbing a belt:

womens webbing belts manufacturer

1. Fix the prepared belt braided rope to a section of the metal waist, and fix it with a slip knot. Pay attention to the live pin buckle of the metal waist.

webbing belts manufacturer

2. Use the other two braided ropes to fix the slipknot sleeve in the previous step as the middle limit, and pass through the metal waist separately.

womens webbing belts manufacturer 1

3. After the left and right braided ropes are arranged smoothly, twist out an entangled knot in the outward direction respectively, and at the same time correspond to the left and right braided ropes passing through the slip knot sleeve.

womens webbing belt manufacturer

4. Gently sort out the outer rope that passes through the two braided ropes on the left and right of the slip knot sleeve, and pull it tightly to show the hand-made belt braided texture as shown in the picture.

womens webbing belt manufacturer

5. At first glance at this step, the belt knitting picture tutorial seems quite complicated. After a few close observations, you will understand. The slipknot winding method is still pressed over and put on. The first fixed slipknot in the middle does not move. This undefined range, (facing the left and right side of the picture), the left side inward presses over a braided rope outside and then goes out from below, passing through the outermost right side under the rope state. A braided waistband rope; correspondingly, the braided rope on the right passes through the inner one and then presses it up, passing it out in a state of being pressed by the two braided ropes of the slip knot that was first fixed until it is pressed On the outermost rope on the left;

women webbing belts manufacturer

6. Repeat step 4 to slowly tighten this step. Repeat these steps later.

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