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Designers have several common ideas when designing different men's belts and women's belts. For different types of belts, the design ideas are different. As long as they conform to the principles of clothing aesthetics, they are excellent designs.

1.Chain belt

The chain belt is based on the shape of a chain structure. It is made of metal or leather. It can be long or short, and can be used in multiple combinations.

2.Wide belt

The wide belt made by the belt factory is generally made of leather and cloth. It has a unique shape and exaggerated appearance. It can be used in a variety of designs. It can also be decorated with metal studs, artificial gemstones and embroidery on the belt.

3.Double belt

The double-layered waistband emphasizes the layering and thickness of the appearance, and is generally made of leather. The design is distinguished by the width and shape of the inner and outer layers. It can be decorated with metal studs, artificial gemstones and other accessories.

4.Braided belt

The braided belt is made of different shapes of leather cut into thin strips to form a certain pattern, such as a mesh or a braid.


      5. Other styles

In the design of leather, you can use a variety of shapes and decorations, such as changes in belts’ buckles, decorative hooks on the belt, decorative pouches and changes in appearance.


If you have a good design idea, you need to find a manufacturer specializing in the production of various types of men's belts and women’s belts. DONGGUAN HONGDING LEATHER CO., LTD. is a good choice. We have 15 years of experience in producing belts. Layers are checked and the quality is very good.


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