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Custom Leather Wallet Manufacturer's Production Process

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Custom leather wallet manufacturer's craftsmanship mainly has three types, hemming, hemming, and oil edging. Different grades of wallets use different crafts. Basically, the wallets on the market have more oil edging techniques, and then they are hemming and bagging. side.

1. Folding means that when the leather wallet is produced in the leather goods factory, a small section is folded back around the wallet to wrap the edge. The purpose of this is that the wallet will not only be more durable, but also more beautiful. Also called a edging wallet.

2. Oil-edged wallet: Oiled edge is the concept of oiled edge, also called diffused oiled edge. After sanding the edge of leather product parts or the three-dimensional contour that fits, it is a decorative traditional craft of rolling a layer of leather edge oil. Cover up the PU and leather cuts and the exposed edges after the combination.

The oil edge method can be divided into two different processing techniques, thick oil method with different processing technology and thin oil method with only edge color improvement. The thick oil method is suitable for the processing of relatively stiff mid- and high-end leather wallets, requiring smooth and full edges; the thin oil method is common to soft and hard leather, but rough fibers and bonding gaps can be seen on the edges, and it is mostly used for the processing of leisure handbags.

The process of the oil side: oiling-sanding-oiling-sanding-oiling-natural drying. Normally, this is fine. If it still doesn't work, the oil will be more oily.

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