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Care Of Leather Handbags

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In life, leather goods are almost ubiquitous, and many people do not understand the method of leather handbags care. In leather care, you must first master certain relevant knowledge. Let's take a closer look at the tips of leather care.

Simple daily care can make leather handbags last for a long time and have a longer life.

1. Wipe the handbag regularly with the same color cream to keep the leather bright and moist, but avoid using liquid oil.

2. Avoid applying the cream directly to the leather surface when applying the skin cream to the handbag. It should be applied to the fluff or soft hair before wiping the skin surface.

3. Always keep the handbag dry and dry, and store it in a ventilated place. For some handbags that are susceptible to moisture, some moisture-proof beads can be placed in the bag during storage.

4. If the handbag gets wet, you should use a dry cloth to absorb the moisture of the handbag, and then put it in a cool place to let the handbag dry naturally. Never put the wet handbag directly in the sun or blow it with a fan. Nor can it be blown next to the cold air, otherwise the leather will burst.

5. When cleaning handbags, avoid washing with water or contact with chemical solvents.

Leather care

Each kind of leather has different characteristics, so different care methods and suitable care products are needed.

1. Flannel: Use a slightly damp flannel to wipe off the stains on the surface of the handbag, and then let it dry naturally in a ventilated place.

2. Cowhide and sheepskin: apply high-quality leather paste to the velvet cloth to remove the dirt on the surface of the leather, and then use a soft cloth to wipe back and forth on the bag surface with a little force.

3. Peeling skin: Use soft bristles to gently wipe the stains in the same direction on the surface of the skin to make the texture smooth; you can also use raw rubber and cleaning products for fur to remove the stains, but it is not appropriate to wipe the ointment.

Special care

1. The zipper is not smooth: Use candles or leather wax to coat the zipper to improve the effect.

2. Anti-nitration: If there is a little anti-nitration, you can use color matching cream to complement the color or use white electric oil to gently wipe the anti-nitration part to remove stains.

3. Metal decoration and oxidation (gold, silver, copper buckle) Silver hardware buckle: Use the finest size sandpaper or sand rubber to gently wipe off the black spots, and then gently wipe with a transparent leather ointment.

Gold buckle: Never use frosted paper, so as not to wipe off the gold, you can only gently wipe with a little transparent leather ointment.

Prevention: Apply a little transparent nail polish on the copper or metal buckle of the new handbag to prevent oxidation. (Except for color deduction)

The correct leather handbags care method can make your leather handbags look new and prolong its service life.


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