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HongDing Blue Mini High Quality PU Leather Handbags For Women HongDing Blue Mini High Quality PU Leather Handbags For Women
HongDing Blue Mini High Quality PU Leather Handbags For Women HongDing Blue Mini High Quality PU Leather Handbags For Women
HongDing Blue Mini High Quality PU Leather Handbags For Women HongDing Blue Mini High Quality PU Leather Handbags For Women


HongDing Blue Mini High Quality PU Leather Handbags For Women

Material:PU Leather
Buckle:Magnet Buckle
Service:OEM/ODM service
Width:19*16*9cm (Length*Hight*Width)
Size:all size available
Customizzed:logo,color,or let us bring your design to life


               HongDing Blue Mini High Quality PU Leather Handbags For Women has 2 large bags, 1 zipper dark bag and 1 small pouch for a 5.5-inch phone, short wallet, paper towel, card bag, keys and small cosmetics. It's a small but full sized bag that helps you get a little confused, and it's a big problem to find something.


High Quality PU Leather, Alloy


Molde HD9526
Material PU Leather
Color Blue
Buckle Magnet Buckle
Service OEM/ODM service
Width 19*16*9cm (Length*Hight*Width)
Size all size available
Customizzed logo,color,or let us bring your design to life

A.    Product Name: HongDing Blue Mini High Quality PU Leather Handbags For Women

B.    Item Name: handbag

C.    Style: Casual, Fashion, Stylish

D.    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

E.    FOB Port: Hong Kong

F.     Usage: Daily life, Business, Banquet

G.    Samples: Uncertain, it depends on the material and technology of the wallets

H.    Delivery Time: 2-12 days, Final delivery date depends on the production status

I.     Customer Service: We value customer service, we promise repairing, replacing and refunding if there’s any quality problem of our products

J.     Package: box+carton, The package can according to your requirement to custom

K.    Product Pictures:



L.     Our Technology:

01 Pebble Design

The grain and texture are clearly visible, flexible, comfortable and comfortable, the cortex is exquisite, whether the gloss or the feel of the hand, both show the class of the bag, and enhance the status symbol.

02 6 Strand Nylon Thread

The nylon thread we use is bold, very neat, step by step, to highlight the quality process.

03 Double Main Bag and Double Zipper Design

Double zipper design, simple and convenient, the objects are clear.


04 Comfortable Handle

Curved handle design, wide and uniform, soft and comfortable, the thread is neat and tidy.

05 Three-dimensional Bag Design

Side is the three-dimensional design, elegant and smooth lines, natural and graceful, wandering between charm.


06 Electroplating Metal Design

Metal has a good texture, thick texture, pure color, and wear resistance, which can reflect the pursuit of quality.

1. Size may be 1 cm in slight accuracy due to hand measure;
2. Due to every computer display and the light are different, Pictures and objects may be slightly a little color difference.


M.   Product maintenance:

01.Dirty: Suggest to the leather shop to carry out decontamination nursing, small area besmirch can use color similar or transparent shoe cream emergency.

02.Waterproofing: Avoid touching water as far as possible, should not be exposed to drying after wet, should use dry cloth carefully wipe, put in the shade of natural air dry.

03.Prvent Sunburn: Please stay away from the high temperature and avoid exposure to the sun. Otherwise, yellow and skin aging can be easily found.

04.Dye: Do not keep the product in contact with other colors, so as not to cause irreversible staining.

05.Dust: Please put in the dust bag for storage when the product (especially the suede material) is stored, so as to avoid the adsorption of microdust and flocculation

06.Nursing: When using grinding lotion, remember to wipe it in the same direction to make the texture clear and color consistent


N.    About us:

We company is a Dong Guan belts manufacture that produce genuine leather belts, PU leather belts, canvas belts, bonded leather belts, split leather belts , and we also accept to process belts and to customize belts like Italian leather belts processing, we self mainly exported to Europe and USA. We can and have the ability to produce different types of belts, for example, fashion belts , braided belts, nails belts, punching belts, laser belts, and embroidery belts and so on, and our materials purchase from other countries like Argentina Genuine leather materials purchasing, they must be able to meet the needs of different people. In addition, our product also got the men belts, women belts and children belts, there must be a type of belts that will meet your mind. So, if you choose our belts, you will not be disappointed.

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