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5 Belts You Should Own

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A leather belt is more than just a strip of leather tied around the waist. While the primary function of the carry pant is undeniable, it has a much more comprehensive range of uses. It is no longer limited to an accessory. It's now a style statement that adds a personal touch to your look and creates a clear distinction between your upper and lower body.

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Here are 5 must-have belts that will add class to your closet and make you edgier and more fashionable.

Formal belts: You can choose between a black or brown belt. You can even choose a reversible belt in both colors.

Tanned or woven belts: These are great with jeans and come in a wide variety. Tanned belts can be woven or braided. These can even be simple leather straps.

Double D Belts: These belts are made of woven and mesh fabrics with a double D buckle. These belts are a popular choice for your summer closet and add class to your outfit.

Fancy belts: A piece that makes you stand out. It can be beaded, studded, or on a metal chain and will ultimately become your signature style and set you apart from everyone else.

Logo Buckle: By logo buckle, we don't mean a bulky belt with a giant designer brand logo. We mean a plain-looking piece of leather adorned with a buckle with your company logo in proportion to your body. But remember, huge logos don't do you any favors and will ultimately make you a shrew.

Now that you have various styles of leather belts, how should you wear them to show off your individual, fashionable side? Here we continue to recommend several ways to wear belts for your reference.

Get it right: You must match your clothes and belt correctly. Make your shoes and belt match each other. A contrasting color of pants and belt may work well, but match the belt to your shoes correctly.

Keep it simple: Glitter and big buckles are now a thing of the past. The trend is to keep your outfit simple, neat, and sophisticated. Don't use big, heavy, bulky buckles now. Go with the flow. Instead of big buckles, choose webbing, woven leather, or bolder-colored canvas belts.

Keep the fit perfect: The primary function of a belt is not to support the pants but to differentiate between the top and bottom half of the body. Keep the pants perfectly fitted, so you don't rely on the belt to keep them up.

Try something different: different pair colors with the perfect combination. Vibrant colors can enhance a dull look and make you stand out perfectly.

Use belts according to the occasion: for formal occasions, choose a formal black belt with holes, while for casual occasions, you can try a more stylish, shiny belt. Orange belts are perfect for your brown chinos.

If you are interested in leather belts, you can view more belt styles through our product section. For high-quality custom leather belts, contact the professional leather belt manufacturer - Hongding.


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